About These Images

All photographs on this site have been taken by Eric Shellgren, unless specifically noted otherwise. These represent some of my favorite images.

My camera of choice varies. My primary camera at this particular time is a Nikon D7000. I find it a comfortable camera to use. I also use a small Nikon Coolpix S9900. The S9900 is my pocket camera. I have found that it can take excellent pictures when the need arises. Of course I also have my cell phone. Occasionally I grab one of my old Olympus cameras for a picture or two.

Like it was with film cameras, some images need to be altered in the lab to create the image that you wanted or that the camera doesn't see as well as your mind sees it. The difference with digital images is the lab no longer needs hazardous chemicals and a dark corner of a basement, the lab has become a computer and some software. The images in this site are sometimes manipulated slightly in Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. All the images in this site were saved to a lower resolution of 200dpi for display online.

I try and do most of the image maniputation with the camera itself (shutter speed, ISO settings, fStop, and more). And as with any camera, lighting, angles, timing, cropping, and perspective all help to make a difference.

All of these images are available for both commercial or personal use. They are copyrighted, so before you use one, please contact me for permission and cost.

—Eric Shellgren

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